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......Jude from Head Fi wird sich wieder ärgern das ich im zuvor gekommen bin

Clear is equipped with a new generation full-range speaker
driver developed by Focal. A frameless copper voice
coil with a diameter of 25.5mm, and a height of 5.5mm
was also developed. The use of copper gives the voice
coil an extremely strong magnetic field, resulting in
sound which fully respects the dynamics of the audio
signal. The moving part is always under control, even
when at full excursion, and the proprietary 75-micronthick
suspension capable of high elongation provides
exceptional impulse response, with a break-up level increased
to 24kHz. The high frequencies are extremely
linear and the transients are totally respected, so Clear
is capable of revealing the smallest details of the recording
with great precision, providing the listener with
ultra-realistic sound. Finally, the 55 Ohms impedance
means you can use the device without compromise with
portable high-resolution audio players.

A key factor for realistic sound
through headphones is acoustic impedance.
Apart from their weight,
users sense the headphones, even
open-back models, as a change of
space, which translates into a sensation
of going from one room to a
smaller room.
To solve this problem, Clear have
been designed with new microfibre
ear cushions. Ear pads are as important
for headphones as a listening room
is for loudspeakers. The 1mm diameter
micro-perforations on the outer edge of
the ear cushions offer unrivalled openness
in this price range. This enhances the
feeling of being in a listening room and
not listening to headphones. The other
advantage of the design is the extreme
tolerance to ear cup
position, regardless of
the user’s head
size or shape.
This provides
sound with unprecedented
uniformity, guaranteeing higher levels of
performance for everyone.
In terms of design, the finish of the ear cushions has
been mirrored under the headband, with a blend of grey
leather on top and grey microfibre fabric underneath.

Focal also offers a full range of connectors.
Clear comes with three types of cable to
ensure that users always have the best
solution depending on the device used.
The 24 AWG oxygen free copper
cables offer very low resistance
to deliver sound with utmost
transparency. The first cable
measures 4ft (1.2m) and is
finished with a 3.5mm stereo
jack plug. This cable
is generally used for connecting
the headphones
to portable high-resolution
audio players. A 3.5mm jack
socket to a 6.35mm jack plug
adapter is also supplied so you can use
this cable when listening to the headphones
at home with your electronics nearby. The second
cable measures 10ft (3m) and
is finished with a 6.35mm stereo
jack plug. The third cable,
resolutely audiophile, enables users
to take advantage of a balanced
connection with a 4-point XLR connector.
These three items are covered with a braided-cotton
sleeving to prevent any electrostatic charge. As for the
headphones, they are equipped with two 3.5mm mono
jack sockets which are lockable to secure the connection
of the cable to the headphones.
The final accessory supplied with Clear is the rigid
carrying case. The thermoformed shell is shaped like
the headphones, and protects them from impacts and
travel-related hazards. It is big enough to fit a 10ft (3m)
cable, while still being compact, making it easy to store
in a backpack.


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