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Hier weitere Infos zum neuen Stax SR-L700, Quelle Headfi Forum. Klingt durchaus sehr vielversprechend, ich werde wenn alles klappt das neue Modell voraussichtlich nächsten Monat ebenfalls testen können.

"So, I had a very short time at the Fujiya festival today in Tokyo and did my ritual with the inevitable visit to Stax and chit chat with sales director Sasaki-san.

We talked a bit about the new lambda phones and I could inspect the L-700 up close. The driver is ever so slightly angled, not quite like the old sigma but certainly more than the regular lambda series. The L700 electrode has bracing similar to the SR009 and, as I understood it, using the same friction welding method. I was amazed they could keep the costs down (msrp is 130,000JPY, less than 1/3rd of the SR009). There are costs saving at other places, the gimbal / headrest are in plastic for instance.

Now onto the even bigger suprise for me: the L-700 just sounded better through the 006t than the sr009 through the 007t2! Similar staging/openess, similar highs extension but smoother/sweeter/fuller sounding. Really really really nice voicing. The 507 through the 727A sounded like a 009 gone wrong (too lightweight / trebly) in comparison. We were joking with Sasaki-san that we were entering a tough time for the SR009 and he admitted they need to work on it to raise the bar again :-).

I expect a lamdba, not my cup of tea, I was very very very pleasantly surprised. I don't need another phone but I will give this one another try in the future for sure.

I suspect Stax is going to do very well with this one. You might also have heard they are working on rectifying the price differential between europe and japan (probably same is happening in the us)? If so, I can only imagine Stax is going to get really busy in the coming months!"
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