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Active Studio Monitors vs Hifi Amp/speaker separates

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    Active Studio Monitors vs Hifi Amp/speaker separates


    I am using Korg Kronos to attempt to model a (relatively) small 1 manual pipe organ to be used as a practice instrument, as well as being used in classical chamber groups as part of the continuo. I have sampled the pipework to use in a program for each stop, the programmes then being used in combination mode to manipulate the stops as in a real organ. I'm using the three independent stereo outputs to model (using split key zones) where the pipework would sit on the soundboard; so six speakers in total.
    I had thought that active studio monitors were the way to go (rcf ayra series), until I tried my organ samples through a pair of Mordaunt Short Mezzo 1 speakers with an old Akai hi fi amplifier. Despite the physical modelling being absent, the actual fidelity and realism of the samples seemed to improve no end. Should I be surprised? Which is best?

    Please help.

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